The Elusive Fuji Pro 400h

Photographing one of my daughter’s classmates and her family was a blast. We opted to use a local park for the shoot and I used both digital and film with some off camera flash when needed. All B&W film was developed and scanned by me, but the rolls of color film were sent to theFINDlab in Orem, Utah. I was beyond delighted when I received the scans back from the lab. It’s easy to understand why Fuji Pro 400h is constantly on back-order! Kodak’s Portra 400 got some love during this shoot as well!


Pentax 6×7 – Ilford HP5+


Pentax 6×7 – Fuji Pro 400h


Pentax 6×7 – Fuji Pro 400h


Pentax 6×7 – Portra 400


Pentax 6×7 – Portra 400

Film is alive and well!

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