HP5+ and Shake-Shack

I love experimenting with black and white film. The process of developing film has many variables that can be altered and tweaked to achieve an infinite number of results. I have been reading of pushing Ilford HP5+ to ISO3200 and developing in Kodak’s Xtol developer. Its box speed is ISO400, perfect for most situations including indoors with a fast lens and a steady hand. Being able to push it 3 stops, however, opens the door (a big door!) to low-light photography.

My family and I recently went to our local Shake-Shack. If there is ever a thing as the perfect hamburger from a chain-restaurant, you will find it here. I found this to be perfect opportunity to try out some low light shots.

I took my trusty and light Yashica D and metered with my iPhone.

This test was not scientific by any means, but needless to say, the results are great!



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