Experiments with Color Film

One of the advantages of film is the latitude, dynamic range, and overall ability to get usable images from poor exposures. Sometimes, however, film tends to benefit from intentional over- or under-exposure. Fuji Pro 400h and Portra 400 shine when overexposed by 1 or 2 stops (i.e. ISO200 or ISO100).

Recently I’ve been seeing shots of Kodak Ektar 100 underexposed by two stops. Rating Ektar 100 at 400 has been a generally unaccepted practice, but the folks from The FIND Lab seem to have a different opinion. A search on Instagram for the hashtag #ektarpushed2stops yields some great photos shot on Ektar@400, most of which belong to FIND founder @jonathancanlas.

Armed with a roll of Ektar and my Pentax 6×7, I decided to give it a shot. Everything was developed and scanned by The FIND Lab, requesting a +2 stop push on their order form.




In retrospect I should have waited for sunnier/brighter conditions, but it’s easy to see what Ektar shot at ISO 400 does to sunlight. In the last shot, with the sun just about to set, the light gains a deep yellow, almost orange hue. I like the overall look, especially considering that winters in NJ do not offer much in terms of color. The sun, however, seems to glow at its best this time of year.

Ektar100@400 is definitely worth considering adding to my arsenal. It’s at least worth further experimentation!



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