Glass is Everything

Unlike the Yashica Mat 124G, the Yashica D does not have a crank-style wind/cocking mechanism, nor can it accept 220 film (pretty much extinct). It also lacks a meter, but today’s meters are more accurate and reliable anyways.

What it DOES share with the 124G is the all important Yashinon taking lens. In my brief experience with film cameras I have come across some true gems (cheap ones, too!) because they weren’t all black, or because they didn’t go for 5X their real value on eBay, or even because they didn’t have a meter. My Yashica D is no exception. People rave about the optics on the 124G, yet fail to see that it wasn’t the only Yashica TLR with the same little part that does the majority of the work. A camera without a lens is just a box.

I took the little guy out for a spin to test for sharpness. All shots taken on Portra 400, developed and scanned by The FIND Lab.


This one’s a keeper (for the foreseeable future!!).


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