Expired (and Extinct) Film

I wanted to write a post before the end of the month. I recently started a full-time job and I believe the adjustment period is over for my family and myself. Even though I won’t have as much free time as before, I will still have time to devote to photography (which makes me happy, because I also love my new job!).

This last month I came across the opportunity to purchase some old film stock. I personally believe it’s a gamble, especially when it comes to film that’s been expired for close to a decade and that may have been stored in non-optimal conditions. Extreme temperatures and temperature changes are detrimental to film. This time, though, the risk was worth taking!


I purchased some Fujifilm 400NPH and 160NPC, one propack of each film stock (5 rolls of 120). I paid $5 more than the going rate of one propack of Kodak Portra 400, which was my biggest incentive. The seller claimed the film had been frozen since purchasing, which may or may not be true (at this price I’ll believe anything!). I ran my first roll of 400NPH (@ISO200) through my Pentax 6×7 about a week ago and I just got my scans back from the lab.


I’m mostly impressed that the film is still usable, but I did not see much difference between this old stock of 400NPH and Fujifilm’s most current 400H. I do feel, however, that this film needs/works best with a lot of sun. Although usable, I don’t see myself using this film for a paid gig. One roll came out fine, but I would hate to get bad results from the rest of the rolls.

Although I’m not one to salivate over old film stock that is no longer made, I think this was a good buy for some film to have fun with.


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